Alicia + Ashley

I’ve been pretty stumped on what to write here. The curser blinks and I think, “Tell them to look at these beautiful images!” “How sweet is their love” “These pictures tell a story” …. Well, I would hope so. I’m a professional wedding photographer.

So what I’m here to say is that Alicia & Ashley seriously tugged on my heartstrings. I don’t even know if they know, but they were my first same sex Wedding that I photographed. It truly felt like an honor. These two are nothing short of exceptional and here I was just plugging through my first year of full-time wedding photography. I’ve never experienced the amount of emotion in one ceremony like I did when they wed. Their Father’s, Mother’s, brothers, myself … everyone, everyone was crying.

Their day was calm, easy-going, intimate, and filled with surprises, (their pup!) and so many other sweet gestures. People traveled from near and far to celebrate these beautiful gals in an adorable Bed & Breakfast in Ann Arbor, MI.

Every weekend, (quite literally), I am reminded of what marriage is all about. What a blessing it is I get to reflect on the beauty of it, and a reminder of the challenges it will inevitably bring. My job is perfect. Right now it doesn’t feel that way, it’s 5:18pm and I feel like I could cry I am so buried. But I signed up for this. I love my people and sharing the magic.

Alicia & Ashley, stay beautiful. xxx

“take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic” — Frida Kahlo

Hannah Stachowiak