Andrew + Tiffany

Last week I met Andrew and Tiffany out in Stevensville to find that Lake Michigan had an insanely high water level. I was worried as a ton of the shore & beach had washed away, in addition to some of the path accesses. On top of that, it was miserably windy and pretty darn cold.  Then this little lady shows up in a sleeveless maxi dress and I thought, poor girl.  And I was over here bundled up in my winter coat. 

To quickly forget about the sad Michigan climate, we played a ton of games to get the blood flowing. We joked that I actually brought them to a workout session instead of a photo session ... (which is half true -- beware future couples!)  

These two are BEAMING with love as you will see. They shared so many charming stories about one other, and I learned so much about their sweet relationship. 

Ladies and gents, I present to you Andrew/Vaughn/Almost-Randy & just Tiffany: 

Hannah Stachowiak