Michael + Rich

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Michael + Rich for the first time.  One of our mutual best friends, Sophia, linked us together and I truly could not be more thankful for that. These guys are simply amazing. 

I met them for the first time on a Thursday night at a pre-game pizza and wine get together at their new home in Detroit.  Then, we all headed to the Kygo concert where we all shared a mutual love for the artist. (Seriously, what better way to get comfy with your photographer than bouncin' around at a Kygo concert!?)  It was so fun to say the least ... :) 

We had all intentions of doing the Engagement session on Friday night, but thank God we didn't because nearly all of east Michigan lost power due to huge wind storms.  Sophia's house was my hotel for the weekend, and while working from home on Friday, we also lost power at her and Matt's home.   So!  We had a sleepover with Michael + Rich ...... which also called for a 5am wake-up call because plan B was a sunrise session on Saturday morning. 

Michael, Rich and I headed out at 5:50am and started at Belle Isle, then drifted off to some of their favorite spots in Detroit on this quiet Saturday morning. We ended the fun at Eastern Market and admired all the life it brings every Satruday. 

YOU GUYS........... Michael + Rich (+ Parker the Puppy):

 (heart eyes, heart eyes, heart eyes)

Hannah Stachowiak